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A reflective practice community for
psychologists and therapists

Our Ethos

We support each other in raising our individual and collective consciousness regarding our social narratives and structures; including Whiteness, Colonialism, Islamophobia, Anti blackness, Antisemitism … and in doing so develop our antiracist practice.

Our Community & Conversations

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Our Community
Libby Nugent 10-10-2020

This community is a place for personal and professional explorations: By sharing our reactions to the literature, our individual perspectives and experiences we use each other to learn and grow.

Reflective practice bookclub meetings are held every month and we read a new book every two months.
Groups are also facilitated using poetry, film and art as spring boards for discussion and personal growth. 

Courageous Conversations
Libby Nugent 09-12-2020

We hold Courageous Conversations bimonthly.

In this space we hope to facilitate conversations around more specific issues such as: Everyday racism, antiracist Leadership, Connecting with the Unconscious, Whiteness in the Therapy Room, Antisemitism, Antiracism in Clinical psychology.  

We invite leading figures in our community to talk with us. Previous guest speakers have included: Susan Cousins, Dr Abdullah Mia, Dr Dwight Turner.

Our Curators

Meet the team behind the ARBC

Dr Roberta Babb

Dr Roberta Babb is a Chartered Psychologist, Registered Clinical Psychologist, Registered Forensic Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, Media Psychologist, Life Coach and Organisational Consultant. She is registered with the HCPC, a chartered member of the BPS (DCP, DFP, and DCP Faculty of Leadership and Management), British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC), and a Principle practitioner with The Association of Business Psychology (ABP).

Dr Babb often contributes to and writes articles on various topics relating to mental health, mental and personal wellbeing and relationships, she has also featured in the BBC programme Sex On The Couch, Murder Mystery and My Family and BBC News.

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Dr Libby Nugent

Dr Libby Nugent is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and a Group Work Practitioner of Group of Analytic Psychotherapy. She is a Chartered member and Associated Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS, AFBPsS) as well as being registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Dr Nugent has a private practice working with both individuals and groups. She has as strong interest in systemic and psychoanalytic understandings. She also writes and runs workshops encouraging people, through reflecting together on group experience and stories, to make connections between the individual and social world; drawing on ancient stories, their archetypes, metaphors and symbols. 

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Courageous Conversation Guests for 2021 so far include Dr Natasha Stovall, Dr Suman Fernando, Dr Rima Lmaba with more to come.

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How We Operate

The Bookclub is not run for profit but we do ask for a donation and/or a small fee to be made to attend the monthly sessions and closed groups. The money is used to reinvest into the Bookclub project.

There is a fee for the Courageous Conversations as we believe in paying our guest speakers appropriately. Typically guests are paid 50% of ticket sales. Sometimes they chose to donate their fee to a charity. Any remaining money again is used to reinvest into the Bookclub project, and/or donated to charities that work to create social change.

All meetings are currently being held on Zoom. 

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